2. 3 Hour Course

Batik course with a duration of 3 hours. With professional instructors and more time available, participants can make more varied batik motifs. All stages in batik process will be explained and will be hands on from designing motifs, using canting (wax pencil), Lorod (dissolving the wax by boiling it into hot water) and dyeing/colouring. There are 3 media that can be used, cotton, wood and paper. Each media has its own characteristics when the dye touches the media. Our instructors will give directions to do simple batik, re-touching and repair if the batik article does not turn out right during the training. Batik motifs are explored in more detail than I the 1 hour course.


  • 3 hour batik instruction with interpreter (if needed)
  • A short history of batik
  • Simple batik process using canting
  • Hands on all the equipment and materials, from designing through to colouring
  • Batik making with varied motifs and more time to explore, observe and practice
  • Introduction of the different kinds of canting and how to use them properly. These cantings are needed to make more varied, complicated and advance batik designs.
  • Participants can choose the media for their batik course: cotton and paper or cotton and wood.
  • The results from the course can be taken home:
    1 piece cotton cloth measuring 50 x 50cm AND
    1 pc cotton or paper kite (size and shape varies) OR
    1 piece cotton cloth measuring 50 x 50cm AND

    1 pc wooden mask (size and shape varies)

For this course to run effectively, we suggest the number of participants is limited to 5 people per group. Only the registered participant/s can use the canting and follow all the processes from beginning to end.

Silk cloth may be used but this will incur an additional charge, depending on the market rate at the time of the course.