1. Jathilan (7-12 people) * Arrival Performance. (Parking area HS Silver)Jathilan is a mystical bamboo horse dance
2. Srimpi dance(3 /4 dancers) * Dinner Performance
This sacred dance is usually performed by four girls. ‘Sri’ means a king or queen, and ‘impi’ means desire or wish - the desire to live in honor and harmony. The Srimpi dance was originally performed in the Pendopo (open hall) of upper class Javanese mansions.
3. Klotekan music(12 people) * Main Gate Omah Dhuwur
*Welcoming Javanese ceremony using bamboo musical instruments playing interlocking rhythms which is quite something to hear.
4. Bangboo & FreeDance ´Tari lepas´(15 people: 11 musicians, 4 dancers) * Dinner Performance & After Dinner Performance
* Tari lepas is a free dance style and guests are most welcome to join in.


5. Javanese Sither (5 people) * Dinner Performance.
Sither/Zither is a stringed musical instrument with strings the same length as its soundboard, with some gut or metal strings.
6. Keroncong(10 people) * Dinner performance
* The band will play Top 40’s Songs (Indonesian/Western)
Keroncong music was introduced by Portuguese sailors around 16th century to Indonesia.
7. Top 40’s Acoustic(6 people) * Dinner Performance
* Acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, drum, saxophone & vocals
8. Javanese Traditional Dance ´Gatotkaca Gandrung´ * Dinner/After Dinner Performance
9. Magician and/or Comedy Performance * After Dinner/Before Dinner
10. Gamelan Orchestra * Dinner Performance
The Gamelan is a native Indonesian orchestra and predates the Hindu-Buddhist civilization that dominated Indonesia in its earliest records and evolved into a native art form.
11. Mask Dance or Tari Topeng (2 people) * Welcoming Guest
12. Contemporary Dance(4/5 people) * Dinner Performance
13. Percussion (Latino) * Dinner performance
* Latin Songs
* Acoustic performance with Percussion & Guitar
14. Ramayana dance * Dinner Performance
The Javanese Ramayana differs markedly from the original Hindu archetype. This adaptation of the original epic from old Indian transcripts has become one of the most popular folk arts in Indonesia.