About Java Connection ethical management service

Java Connection Ethically sourced products of Indonesia

In developing countries there is a lack of support for disabled and disadvantaged peoples with few, if any, welfare benefits or social support systems. We work in collaboration with international aid organizations, schools for people with special needs and local charities that provide disabled people with medical care and in some cases skills they need to help support themselves. This is achieved by delivering education, skills training, employment and income earning possibilities. These programs empower disabled people and disadvantaged communities creating greater awareness for social projects and in turn makes our relationship with them focused and sustainable.

There is clearly a growing demand, both locally and internationally, for ethical trading practices where the revenue generated stays within local artisan communities, supporting the special people who make the products. This is where there is a need for an experienced team to facilitate, communicate and negotiate between the different parties to reach successful outcomes.

Local charities working with disabled people are experienced and dedicated in providing health care, accommodation, social support,

education and some skills training resulting in medium to small handicraft productions. As these charities are often busy with their own programs they simply do not have the time or skills required to deal with commercial market place demands and work effectively with businesses wishing to purchase the products produced through their communities.

Our programs and services at Java Connection are intended to bridge the gap between local charities, aid organizations and other social groups producing products and the businesses and individuals wishing to purchase under fair trade conditions.

Vision: To provide relief from suffering and create opportunities for the personal development of people with disabilities, help the disadvantaged gain practical skills, provide safe employment and a secure income. To help disadvantaged and disabled people live worthwhile lives as part of the greater community.

Mission:Provide skills training, education, equipment, materials and employment opportunities for people with physical disabilities and for the socially disadvantaged. Create market place demand for the products they produce allowing them to earn a secure living and become economically independent supporting themselves and their families. Empower people with physical disabilities and social disadvantages who are suffering from distress and personal hardships in a developing country.

Achieving goals by guiding services:

  • Provide skilled teachers and mentors for disabled and disadvantaged students
  • Training, particularly in batik making for disabled and disadvantaged people.
  • Identify new products for sustained production via market research.
  • Marketing skills and promotional materials.
  • Branding, labelling and packaging.
  • Retail outlets for products via our network in shopping malls, hotels, spas and the internet.
  • Access to our client base.
  • Ethical Product sourcing for local and international businesses.

Java Connection Background

Java Connection Ltd was registered 3 years ago in England to import Indonesian products and retail them via our website www.javaconnection.co.uk . The products are stored and distributed from our warehouse in Brighton. We specialize in handicrafts, batik, sarongs for men and women, and beach accessories. We also sell sarongs wholesale on www.wholesale-sarongs.co.uk .

CV Java Connection, Indonesia was established in Jogya in 2008 and now supplies several large malls around Jakarta: Grand Indonesia, Plasa Senayan and Sogo in Bali. Most recently we have started supplying Martha Tilaar, one of the largest spa chains in Indonesia. We also provide packaging for Martha Tilaar's factories. Our spa collections can be seen at www.spahotelsupplies.com .

Through our hands-on experience in Indonesia and England we are now in a stronger position to offer effective services and valuable support to assist those in need under fair trade principals. We encourage the building of closer relationships between customers and the skilled producers dealing with difficult lives while earning a living.

Your support will help disabled and disadvantaged communities and raise public awareness of social projects in Indonesia.