Muhamad Beni Sasongko , 21 yrs

Beni is learning in the SLB school. SLB stands for ´Sekolah Luar Biasa´, meaning School for people with special needs. He is in ´C´ class, Tuna Rungu which is for people with hearing impairment, either permanent or non-permanent. Beni is not obviously disabled but as soon as one engages him in conversation the situation is very clear.

People with hearing problems often have trouble speaking clearly, leading to difficulties in communication with others. Sign language is used widely but is only effective when communicating with other signers.

Beni wants to be a t-shirt designer and has started a business with the help of a friend. At the time of writing Beni has been on the Java Connection batik course for 4 months. In April 2010 he will move into the advanced class, building on what he has already learned from his Java Connection instructors. The full training program is 2 years split into 4 month modules.